Spiritual Growth Pathways

Wherever you are on your life journey, our spiritual growth programs are designed
to support you in growing your connection with God, learning about Unity,
deepening your understanding of Unity teachings and discovering your own beliefs.
Our four pathways are designed to meet you where you are on your own unique journey.
Each pathway is open to everyone and provides practical and
spiritually-based tools for life-changing growth and transformation.
Spiritual growth classes offer you the opportunityto deepen your relationship with God,
create lasting friendships with others of like-mind and live an
abundant and prosperous life.

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To help you get started, we recommend the Introductory Pathway if you....
  • Are new to Unity and want to know more about us
  • Wish to join as a member of Unity of Birmingham and make this your spiritual home
  • Have a desire to serve as a volunteer within our spiritual community, our local community and beyond
  • Have been a member and want to review the Unity principles which lead you to your spirutual journey
  •  Want to be the light that inspires newcomers

Spiritual Gifts Inventory Workshop TBA

Twilight Brigade Training TBA

Prayer Chaplain Training  (click here for details)

Prayer and Meditation Class (TBA)


Introductory Pathway

Unity Basics - Next class TBA

Class covers:
  • History of Unity & Unity of Birmingham
  • Unity’s basic teachings and principles
  • Recommended reading is How to Speak Unity by Rev. Temple Hayes, available in the bookstore
  • Get to know others and build relationships & community


Lessons in Truth by Emilie Cady

Not just another guidebook on the power of prayer, Lessons in Truth helps readers make significant changes in their lives by better understanding and putting into practice the power of their own thoughts, beliefs, and even the words they speak. Cady uses 12 lessons – including instruction on faith, affirmations, and unity of the spirit – to guide readers toward a metaphysical and practical approach to Christianity. Lessons in Truth potentially can benefit anyone seeking unity and truth, no matter his religious affiliation. Our five week class on the book “Lessons in Truth” is offered for credit also. This book has been the standard "textbook for Unity" for many years. Cady's straight-forward approach to teach  New Thought is both impressive and easy to read.


Metaphysical Musings Every Friday at noon in the church lobby