Spirit Matters by Rev. Terry Ware

Looking for loopholes? Yeah. Me, too. How's that workin' for ya? Yeah. Me, too. The Law of Mind Action is always at work. If there were loopholes, I think I would have found at least one by now. Of course, there's Grace, and that's a whole other post, lesson, workshop, series of classes . . . Where was I? Oh, yeah. Loopholes. Unity's third principle, "I Create," reminds us we are creating our experiences by the thoughts and feelings we hold in our hearts and minds. Some days I just don't want to take responsibility for having created what I'm experiencing. And some days, most days, I'm so dadgum grateful I chose this path! The freedom! The power! The joy! Daniel Nahmod sings, "Love Is My Decision." Lately, I've realized I need to stop looking for joy and realize, "Joy is My Decision." Sunday, let's explore destiny, free will, and the big D. O. (Divine Order) and look for loopholes together. Spirit matters.

Love, Rev. Terry