Spirit Matters with Rev. Terry Ware



As I prepare to formally celebrate Allyn's life on Friday, I realize I celebrate her life every day. Every time I pause to contemplate something as simple as a tumbling leaf, something of the poet Allyn was and continues to be thrums in my heart and I see the leaf as life, tumbling in the flow, resisting not, allowing. Every time I hear a telephone ring (or chirp) I think of Allyn's perseverance in volunteering as First Voice long after she'd let go of driving herself.

As I watched the ebb and flow of pets when I took Tink for her annual exam last week, Allyn's love for her animals washed across me. I can feel her with me. I can feel with me each one I've released from this temporary expression, and I know they live on. They live on in me, and they live ON. The poet Rossiter Raymond wrote, "Life is eternal and love is immortal and death is only a horizon, and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight."

This is me, celebrating Allyn and celebrating life.

Spirit matters.
Love, Rev. Terry

Celebration of Life Service
for Allyn Boucher
Friday October 20th at 1 pm