Spirit Matters with Terry Ware

Spirit Matters from Rev. Terry

What does it mean to be The Light of God? It means something different to each of us. It may mean something different on different days to each of us! As our speaker Jon Scott reminded us last week, "God" is a personal, evolving concept, unique to each of us. (After writing, "God is . . ." I realized I placed an unintended definition on God. Uh oh.)

On Sunday morning we'll honor those of us who have chosen to be The Light of God as volunteers with Unity of Birmingham, many in various ways over many, many years. On behalf of our Board of Trustees and our Senior Minister, Rev. Charles, allow me to say, "thank you."

Thank you for taking out the trash and changing a light bulb. Thank you for spending time in prayer and for visiting a member in the hospital. Thank you for preparing a reception and for hanging art. Thank you for nurturing our young people and for facilitating a discussion. Thank you for the ways you give of your talent in small ways and in every way.

Many of us have studied the Unity class 4T, which stands for Tithing of Time, Talent, and Treasure. In the class we embraced the concept that all three are required to live a fulfilling life as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Devoting a portion of our time to spiritual pursuits multiplies the time we have available to devote to other activities. Devoting a portion of our treasure to the channel or channels of our spiritual inspiration multiplies our treasure. Devoting a portion of our talents in volunteer activities, in those places that inspire our hearts, develops and multiplies our awareness of our talents. (Tithe means a tenth, just FYI.) This is not just a class for me. It is a way of life, a joyful way of life.

Please join us for a reception honoring you who have chosen to be The Light of God by sharing your talents with Unity of Birmingham, our spiritual community. The Light of God Surrounds Us. I Am The Light of God.

Spirit matters.
Love, Rev. Terry