A Taste of Life with Rev. Terry

SPIRIT MATTERS from Rev. Terry
"I will be gentle with myself, and I will hold myself like a newborn baby child," Karen Drucker sings. On Sunday we will explore "A Taste of Life," in keeping with the theme of our cookbook recipe tasting following our Sunday Celebration. After I spoke a couple a weeks ago about The Big D. O. (divine order), I got to experience divine order during my trip to and from San Antonio for this year's Unity Worldwide Ministries convention. Sigh. At first, I only experienced the inconvenience, discomfort, and DIS-order going on. Then (well, just now, actually) I realized THIS is a taste of life! These are experiences life has to offer. Looking back I can see how I experienced (edited from "endured") inconvenience and thrived. Yay me! Join us Sunday, won't you, as we explore ways we can be gentle with ourselves, be kind to ourselves, and experience A Taste of Life.