Our Vision at Unity:

We envision a world where every soul awakens to its Divine Nature.

Our Mission:

Centered in Love, we are a vibrant, inclusive community, nurturing spiritual growth through inspired teachings, prayer and meditation.

Who we are...
          At Unity, we approach all deep questions with respect and with the absence of dogma.  

        We believe our true purpose in life is to raise our consciousness

and transform ourselves through the power of recognizing

our connection to that which is Divine. 

         We know we are all in direct relationship with the Divine essence

and have the will and ability to manifest Love in every moment

and in every situation.

                                                If you are seeking...

 ...a community of open minded, inclusive people who support all who wish to learn and grow spiritually
...a space where you can expand your heart/soul/mind and develop your personal practice through offered teachings, prayer, meditation, and music 
...groups of people who explore the many diverse paths to awareness and knowledge of our Divine Nature and ourselves 
...a place where we honor all people in finding their own Truth
... a love-centered, spirit-centered community that embraces and welcomes all seekers and honors all spiritual paths
                                      We invite you to experience what Unity has to offer.
Perhaps here you will find what so many others have...the feeling that you have come Home.