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Reverend Doctor David Ault


          David Ault is a prophetic voice in the human development/consciousness studies movement as an unwavering crusader for mindfulness, global literacy and social justice. Through trainings, coaching and keynote offerings, David’s singular intention has always been in bridging our collective forgetfulness into our great collective reawakening. As an award winning author and global humanitarian, David abides by the motto that people would rather ‘see the lesson than hear one’.
          Currently, David coaches associations, business leaders and individuals on the paramount importance of value based living. His work ranges from uncovering individual and collective hidden themes and assumptions that hinder optimal performance to assessment auditing and personal well-being strategies. In Atlanta, he served as dean to a council of multi-generational, multi-faith leaders who assisted in dissolving systemic issues of unworthiness, bias and racism and builds new mental equivalents of equality, character, ethics, spirituality and wellness.
          David is the founder of Kaleidoscope Child Foundation, whose mission is to advance vulnerable children and communities worldwide with sustainable education, life skills and fresh water. Beginning more than 14 years ago, Kaleidoscope now operates schools in Siem Reap Cambodia, Bodhgaya and Lakhanpur India and partners with literacy programs throughout Guatemala and the US, serving more than 1000 children annually.
          An adventurer at heart, David has hiked the Inca Trail to the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, trekked across the entire country of Spain on the ancient pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago and summited Kilimanjaro in Africa. He regularly takes groups on sacred site journeys and service trips, continuously marveling at the wisdom gained through cultural immersion.
          As a respected teacher, writer and columnist, David is the author of the multi-award winning, The Grass Is Greener Right Here.

          He is the recipient of many international awards most recently The Walden Award for Spiritually Guided Social Activism through the New Thought movement.

Reverend Jon Scott

          Rev. Jon Scott is a man of many talents. He is an ordained minister, singer, musician, and songwriter. He is a consummate communicator who can skillfully unveil a mystery through a song or easy to understand sermon through his visionary teachings. He grew up in a religious family and is a fourth-generation minister. He began singing in the church at an early age. Jon began his ministry as the Lead pastor of Lasting Joy Church for 6 years and then led as Pastor of The Now Life Church in Eatonton, Ga for nearly 5 years.  He also served as the Director of the music department at Unity of Nashville from 2014 – 2016. He became the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Chattanooga in December of 2017.

           Jon has never been the "normal preacher" type and has always challenged all religious systems. He continues to believe that every answer deserves yet another question so that the ultimate truth is revealed. His speaking style is conversational and sometimes controversial. Jon says " I simply desire to facilitate an environment where people feel safe to ask the hard questions and explore the beautiful mysteries of a spiritual life." His ministry is about helping to create a better world by showing people new ways to see it.


Reverend Christine Grace

          Rev. Christine Grace is an ordained Unity Minister, passionate about being of service, and contributing to a world that works for all. She has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing, and is a certified Life Coach, currently “Travelling Light” wherever she is called. She is committed to doing her part in Being Living Proof of Living Truth, and she loves to assist others in being the living embodiment of their Highest and Best Selves.

          Rev. Christine demonstrates everyday M.A.G.I.C. by “Manifesting All Good In Consciousness”, and has so much fun sharing magic wherever she goes. Her motto is “more to all and less to none,” and she believes as we each live our own Truth with a capital “T”, we all prosper. There is plenty of Good for everyone.

          She is invited by individuals and organizations to facilitate transformation through active listening, sharing and allowing those who want to shift into a consistently peaceful and joyful life to do it in Spirit’s most perfect timing. “I am honored and delighted to be here with and for anyone and everyone to assist in allowing, accepting and living a life of Being, and therefore, giving True Abundance!”

          Rev. Christine is a former associate minister at Unity of Birmingham.

John Stringer

          John Stringer is a life teacher, speaker, Billboard charting singer-songwriter, healer, and author with a passion for music, community, expansion and limitless love & light.

          He currently serves as Founder of PolyPlat Records, Partner at Healing Arts Management  & ConsciousSongwritingRetreat.com, Co-host of Awakened Pillow Talk podcast, Co-Founder of MasterMomentMakers.com (an intuitive training membership site),  and a True Collaboration℠ leader at BandingPeopleTogether.com (clients include leaders at Netflix, Focus Brands, Home Depot, Cisco, Microsoft, NASA, ESPN, SunTrust and many more).

          He began receiving direct knowing from Source / Spirit on-demand (aka channeling) with his wife, Kathy Stringer, in 2008, using the practice daily for their own personal guidance and eventually sharing guidance anonymously on a now non-existent website for a few years.

          When Kathy and John first asked the name of the collective consciousness (or guides) he initially channeled, the simple reply was: “I am Reality and I am Love. Yes. My name is less important than your focus on what I bring.”  Over time, the guides helped him realize how to align with Source so that he channels from his Higher Self / Divine intelligence. John aligns to speak publicly, write music & lyrics; serve others in group, remote & one-on-one channeling sessions, and write content for his websites and books that share the teachings he continues to receive.

          John has written and recorded several albums (including a co-written top 10 best-selling Billboard chart hit single with his former rock band, State of Man) and has performed throughout the world (including tours for U.S. Armed Forces). His music has been featured on major network television and he has also appeared in national print ads (Rolling Stone, VIBE, SPIN, Vanity Fair, etc.).

           He now travels extensively, speaking and playing at concerts, colleges/universities, workshops, spiritual centers, churches, conferences, retreats and festivals while sharing his uplifting and healing music and message through songs from both his debut solo album, “Limitless Love & Light,” which features the 2017 Posi Award-nominated song, “That’s Love;”  and his follow up album, “Moment to Moment;” along with channeled teachings found in his new book, The Abundance Vibration: A Guide to Alignment. His music is currently being used for the theme songs at the Canadian Institute for Natural Integrative Medicine, Life University, the City of Hapeville, Special Needs Certified, Orlando Pranic Healing Centers and other wonderful organizations spreading love in their own way.

          Between enjoying his wonderful wife and children in Atlanta, GA, John continues sharing his life and following where Source leads.

Life’s Goal: To be Limitless Love & Light from Moment to Moment.