A Tribute to Jerry Bartholow

Remembering Rev. Jerry Bartholow

    There are many memorable moments I have in mind about Jerry, but that would take a book! Here’s one in particular:

     In 1993 in the late fall I began a new job as broadcast producer with Tucker Wayne & Luckie advertising. The pressure was intense, and I needed a way to release that or I would leave the company. I had gotten to know Jerry over 5 years as the pastor at Unity of Birmingham, and I felt I should talk to him. He invited me to take a course in Alpha Theta Meditation in a night class at 7 pm. ATM, as it was known, was going to enhance and later change my life as a loving spiritual being. And at the moment ... was just what I needed most.

    Jerry with his clear and measured voice began each session with several of us upstairs in the class as he counted to ten, 1...2...3...4...5... you get the idea! But, there was so much more to know behind the process of then entering the “laboratory of my mind,” as I recall him even now guiding those peacefully explored meditations. After all these years Jerry taught me a way to flow, by using what I already know. Knowing I can still put that into practice is a blessing and a journey filled with peace!

    Thank you for letting me share that with Unity of Birmingham. My spiritual home away from home. I visited two years ago in 2018, and appreciated the Zoom meeting on Monday evening as well!   ~ Barry Douglas Butler




Jerry loved us.  I learned from him how to turn the other cheek, not to engage in a pissing battle with a skunk. ~ Peggy Mason

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