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Centered in Love, we are a vibrant, inclusive community, nurturing spiritual growth through inspired teachings, prayer and meditation. 

Bob McKenna,

President of the Board of Trustees

Angels of the Light,


We are reaching you with an invitation to participate online with Unity’s spiritual family!


As with the rest of the world, we have created several options online to serve you to the best of our ability.


We have infinite options to inspire and lift each other up on Sundays with Live Stream messages from our most popular speakers. On this site, you will find ‘virtual’ ways to stay spiritually connected in these uncertain times.


We would love to have you subscribe to the weekly newsletter Imagine to stay informed of Unity activities.  


We at Unity know we are all in direct relationship with the Divine essence and have the will and ability to manifest Love in every moment and in every situation.


Sending you a big 'virtual' hug!

Peace, Love, and Oneness, Bob 

Silence Is NOT Love: Note From the President of the Board:


Like Light, we are One Love. As light is refracted through a crystal prism revealing a beautiful spectrum of color, we at Unity of Birmingham know in our souls that we are all One, showing up as a stunning array of beings. Our skin pigment is part of our diverse beauty as “light bodies” in this temporal dimension or “world of form”.  Let us continue having open discussions and learn about each other’s culture and life experiences. We are the Light of the World.


Though we know the Divine flows through us, we are very much part of a world where fear and violence is pervasive. Sometimes it makes the news, but oppression is in our culture. We cannot wish it away. It is OUR work to bring love and understanding to this time and place. Silence is not Love. Talk, listen, ask questions. Take personal time and imagine yourself as a different race with different perspectives. Sit in prayer as a black man, as a disabled Indian woman, as a transgender Asian person, as a Latino immigrant, as a white suburban kid who is lost and self-loathing. Imagine seeing yourself reflected in everyone on the planet--now, in the past, and in the future. Guess what? That is You. The Greater You.


When can we stop senseless violence? When can the hurt stop? For thousands of years our ancestors struggled with their own consciousness. We inherited a world that we did not create, but if we are silent, then we are complicit in the oppression of others. Stand up for equality. Have the difficult conversations. Invite multicultural and diverse people to your dinner table. Share and care. We've got this.


Thank you for being enlightened leaders in our City. The world needs you. Peace, Bob

Ault july 5.jpg
Sunday, June 28th, 
Brian Perry entertained and intrigued us with his message, What a Great Book!

Upcoming Guest Speakers:

July 5: David Ault

July 12: Jon Scott

July 19: Christine Grace

July 26: John Stringer


We are individual expressions of the One Power of the Universe, and we align with our Divine Nature through prayer and meditation.


"Divine Love, as me,  blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give, all that I receive, and my awareness of all that I am."



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