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Small Groups Winter 2020


Here's the lineup for the Winter Quarter small groups which will begin the week of January 12. 

Music Making for Fun with Alim Thompsonalim92744@gmail.com

Acoustic guitarists and other strings, singers – especially singers who can harmonize, percussionists (not too loud) who want to jam for fun. Folk, folk rock country, R&B – maybe even some chanting. An adventure to see what arises. First session at Alim's home in Homewood; future location variable.

Beginning Date: Wed 1/8 Ending Date Indefinite
Beginning Time: 8 PM Ending Time 10 PM
Location First session at my house (1650 Valley Ave. Apt. A Homewood) and then we’ll see.
Items to bring Instruments, voice, music

A Comparative Study of the Gospel of John with Rev. Dr. Dallas Teague Snider, dallas@dallasteague.com

This group is for anyone that is interested in discovering what the disciple whom Jesus loved experienced.  We will gather together to study and review 3 common translations and compare those with an Aramaic translation in plain English. Participants will uncover the common truths and awaken to a deeper understanding of this gospel and how it applies to their life today.  Rev. Dr. Dallas will facilitate this group study/discussion.

RSVP by 1/13. We will launch the week of 1/20 ( Martin Luther King Day). Studies will be held in Greystone and will need to add name and email to the guest list so you can be sent a e-pass to attend the study.

Evening Study

Beginning Date:       Mon 1/20/2020                Ending Date Mon 2/24/2020

Beginning Time:       6:30 PM                           Ending Time   8:30 PM

Items to bring: Bring your Bible, a notebook and an open heart.

Daytime Study

Beginning Date   Thurs 1/23/2020                   Ending Date Thurs 2/27/2020

Beginning            11:00 AM                              Ending Time 1:00 PM

Location: 3584 Shandwick Place - Birmingham, AL 35242

More information

This is scheduled to be a lunch time (BYOL) study.  Please bring your lunch and beverage. Rev. Dallas will have water to drink. Please bring your own water bottle if possible. Bring your Bible, a notebook and an open heart


Line Dancing for Beginners with Lulu Richardson, lwrich@gmail.com

This small group is for Unity congregants, my neighbors, and any other interested people.  We will meet once a week for two weeks in December and four weeks in January in my home to learn very simple line dances.  No former experience is needed and we will repeat each dance many times so beginners will feel comfortable with the dance. 

Beginning Date:  Tuesday, December 3 and Tuesday, December 10;  Tuesday, January 7, 14, 21, and 28   

TIME:  6:30 – 8:00 PM

Location:  My home: 5510 Hampton Heights Drive;  B’ham 35209

Items to bring:   We will be practicing on a tile floor so wear comfortable shoes.

Call or text Lulu at 205 567-1175 or email  lwrich@gmail.com     This small group requires at least 6 people to participate.

Chosen Family (self-confrontation games) with Hazel Ray, lightrayseven@gmail.com

This group explores the creative possibilities of a new kind of family based on personal ties of peers who relate to each other because of the common belief in personal growth. With the support of the “family,” each participant engages in novel self-confrontation games which aim to show that he/she has the power to discover hidden and undeveloped aspects of self, that the self-directed cultivation of new and more satisfying ways of behavior is possible, and that people can evolve meaningful guidelines for the own lives. The group will be closed after the second meeting. Reference: Friends: The power and potential of the company you keep, by Jerry Gillies.

Beginning Date: January 21 or 22  Ending Date: March 3 or 4
Beginning Time: 6:30 PM    Ending Time 8:30 PM
Location: Clubhouse on Highland, 2908 Highland Avenue, South, Birmingham, AL 35205
Items to bring: Nothing at the first meeting.


Book Study Rays of Dawn by: Thurman Fleet with Bill Weeks, bweeksctam@yahoo.com

A study of the 12 laws of Soul, such as Faith, Hope, love from a practical and Spiritual viewpoint. Keeping in mind that there must be a balance of these laws, for a Soul to be in harmony with God or nature.

Beginning: Sun.  01/05/ 20        Ending Date: Sun. 02/09/20

Beginning Time:  2 PM               Ending Time 3:30 PM

Location: The Golden Temple Health Store (cafe)

Items to bring: Note keeping material

Book Study Dare to Lead by Brene Brown with Jami Donaldsonjamivic@mac.com

Anyone interested in lunch and discussion about Brene Brown’s book Dare to Lead. Dr. Brene Brown did a 20 minute TED Talk 9 years ago entitled "The Power of Vulnerability". If you haven’t seen it or watched it in a while, it is worth the effort! Her book Dare to Lead sets out a way to create an environment of safety, courage and vulnerability. It is also a road map for anyone who wants to lead mindfully, live bravely and dare to lead.

Beginning Date: 1/12/20        Ending Date 2/16/20
Beginning Time: 12:30 PM     Ending Time 2:30 PM
Location: Surin West or another restaurant if group prefers
Items to bring: Dare To Lead, book by Brene Brown


Book Study: The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease with Jami Donaldson, jamivic@mac.com

In this book, Kyle Cease will help you to discover that, on the other side of your addictive limiting beliefs, there is a powerful creative guidance system that will bring you more flow, more impact, and more abundance. When we stop chasing external abundance, validation, and results; and step into a life of actual alignment, we can start to see we’re the source of these results.

Beginning Date: 1/15/20   Ending Date: 2/19/20
Beginning Time: 6:00 PM      Ending Time 8:00 PM
Location Jami’s house 301 Poinciana Drive, Homewood, 35209
Items to bring: The Book, The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease

Cafe Chez Unity, Dinner group with Dori Boyd, djboydphotos@gmail.com

This group is for those members who appreciate the food scene in Birmingham! We will meet once a week at a different eatery each week. Locations will be discussed at the first eatery TBD. 

NOTE: Due to other small groups meeting on Wednesdays, we may change to another evening. If interested, whether Wednesday or another evening, please contact Dori by email.

Beginning Date: 1/15/20   Ending Date 2/12/20

Beginning Time: 6:00 PM      Ending Time 7:30 or 8:00 PM

Location TBD

Items to bring: money and humor

Fine Arts Fun! With Nabella Shunnarah

The Fine Arts Group is for music, theater, film and art lovers who want to attend functions with others.

If you enjoy theater, the symphony, movies and art galleries---but don’t enjoy driving to the BJCC or ASFA alone at night, this group is for you!

We’ll have our first meeting and decide which productions we’d like to attend and make our plans. No time limit or other restrictions.

Contact Nabella @ nabellas1@gmail.com or call 205-862-3600.

The next series of small groups, which will run 6 weeks at a time, will be announced at a later date, and will begin after Spring Break. We also plan to have small groups during the summer and in the fall. If you're interested, please contact the leader as soon as possible.