A Consciousness of Love:
A History of Unity of Birmingham

           Thanks to Barry Hester, who operated the audio visual booth at Unity for many years, we are able to upload the rich history of Unity of Birmingham, some photos taken through the years as well as podcasts of Reverend Jerry Bartholow's sermons. Visit often as we make progress uploading the vast library of the Jerry years!

Enjoy the Unity Lights' video!
Peace Song by the Unity Lights
Enjoy  Jerry's sermons here. 
All Things New Lesson 010205
A Many Splendored Thing 020605
The Great Harmonizer 021305
New Thought:Ancient Wisdom 111499
The Cross Easter 03:31:2002

      For the years of dedication to Unity of Birmingham...

     For being "the woman behind the 'successful man'"...

     For the inspiration that you brought to our lives... 

     For the joy in which you supported the congregation who so cherished you...

     For the unconditional love you gave to us....


     We are grateful to you, Jane. 

     Love Always, 

     Your Unity Family