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Unity Partners

Unity of Birmingham partners with various providers to bring you high quality services, classes, and meditations. Our Partners may charge a fee for their services.

Please check the CALENDAR for the most up to date information about class times and listings.

Energy Healing & Meditation
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Energy Healing and Meditation with Sherri Bagwell

This is an experiential class. We are practicing feeling into your body for truth. I bring beautiful smelling sprays with essential oils and fern essences to spray over you during class to enhance your sensations and bring you into the present moment.  You may sit in a chair or bring your yoga mat and lie on the ground. It is carpeted, clean and very comfortable.

We use our breath and intention to move into a meditative state to balance our body, release what no longer serves us and create ourselves new. Therefore, over time creating the/our world anew. Themes will change depending on what is needed from week to week including, peace, presence, self love, how to handle the unexpected, intuition.

There is typically more than 6 feet between people.  We will sometimes be outside weather permitting.  Bring your own mat and/or blanket. Water is recommended.  We do have props (mats, cushions and blankets) you can use at your discretion regarding COVID. 

770-235-7599 call or text

Cahaba River Sangha

The Cahaba River Sangha is a community of people practicing mindfulness and meditation together in a caring and accepting environment. Our community is open to all people regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or belief system. If you have not had prior experience with meditation in community, we invite you to join the meeting about 15 minutes early for some instruction on sitting. Dress casually and comfortably. 

Cahaba River Sangha 

Thursdays, 7pm. Room 2 Upstairs

Free to the Public

Healings and Angel Readings
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Energy Healing & Angel Readings

Energy healings are offered for both children and adults. At an Energy Healing session you will be asked to lie down quietly and relax. You may find that you drift off into a light sleep or you may be aware of a peaceful energy around you. This session works to heal you gently at all levels, and will result in you feeling more joyful, calm, relaxed, and aligned with your true self. 


In an angel reading, I lovingly connect with your guides and angels and relay their messages to you. Your angels and guides love you very much and are here to assist you on your path. These sessions will help you gain clarity, feel comforted, and know how loved you are by your angels and guides.

Healings and Angel Readings with Rebecca Kastl

Available by appointment only.

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