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Sacred Sound Journey

Vibrations from the sound of crystal singing bowls transform the energetic and molecular makeup of our being. This sacred practice of sound and guided meditation elevates our mood, alleviates pain & allows us to access a higher state of consciousness.  
Blending conscious and clear intentions of healing with sound produces great benefits to the individual and the collective as a whole.


January 14 & 28    6:30pm 

Yoga Nidra


This practice welcomes the body to deeply rest after opening with gentle movement and then laying down to follow guided meditation.  This induced conscious sleep state offers total relaxation of brain and body, allowing the release of unwanted tension.  For some, a 30 minute session is the equivalent to 3-4 hours of restorative sleep for the body!

Saturday January 9, from 5:30 to 7pm, as Sunny Graydon leads us in Yoga Nidra.

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For questions contact Sunny Graydon @ (334)300-6952

REIKI Course, February 19-20


Reiki is a natural healing system that originated in Japan.  Like yoga, while it's not religious it's basis is spiritual in nature, providing fundamental practices of conscious living with principles that instill wisdom.  These weekend retreats invite you to come as you are and be transformed through spiritual practice & intuitive living. Being held in the safe container of group healing creates a space for miraculous growth & meaningful exchange. Education with a balanced presentation of science based material & spiritual teachings enriches your healing journey. The class atmosphere is fun and interactive with both opportunities to safely release emotional baggage as well as share in joy & laughter.

Energy Healing and Meditation
Facilitated by Sheri Bagwell

Mondays in the sanctuary, 10am

In this energy healing and meditation class, we will use our breath and intention to move into a meditative state to balance our body, release what no longer serves us and create ourselves anew. Therefore, over time we create our world anew--certainly helping to change our experience of it.  

Themes will change from week to week depending on what is needed, including, peace, presence, self-love, how to handle the unexpected, and intuition.

  • You may sit in a chair or bring your yoga mat and lie on the floor. It is carpeted, clean and very comfortable.

  • Masks required to enter and exit the building. Mask or cloth over your face is required during our practice since we do use our breath. We want to keep all our particles within our own space.  You may take your mask off once our heavier breathing is finished.  

  • Social distancing: 11 people max. 10 feet apart.  

  • Cost: $15 via cash, credit card or Venmo sheri-bagwell-1 or

  • RSVP is required. Please call or text Sheri at 770-235-7599 or email

  • Bring your own mat and/or blanket.

  • Water is recommended

Sheri Bagwell is an energy healer and meditation coach. She is trained to recognize the heavy places in your body and mind that keep you from remembering who you are and what you came here to be. She helps you clear and resonate all of that to embody your divine nature allowing you to feel your worth, freedom, and joy regardless of what is happening around you. 

Ecstatic Dance Birmingham 
Facilitated by Kamryn Naylor

 Unity Sanctuary

Tuesdays 6pm


Ecstatic Dance is about community, expression and freedom through movement to music. We welcome everyone and anyone to feel the most natural ecstatic feelings through the art of free form dance. Joining together in support and love to connect to the higher consciousness. The people who generally come to ecstatic dance are spiritual and vulnerable, wanting to share, support and create with the community.

Kamryn is a Birmingham native and co-owner of a local Birmingham lawn care business. She is passionate about community and unity, bringing people together to support and nourish one another with acceptance and compassion.


Contact info: 205-243-0133     


2803 Highland Avenue

Birmingham, AL 35205



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