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Energy Healing and Meditation
Facilitated by Sheri Bagwell

Mondays in the sanctuary, 10 am
$15 love offering

This is an experiential class.  We are practicing feeling into your body for truth, I bring beautiful smelling sprays with essential oils and fern essences to spray over you during class to enhance your sensations and bring you into the present moment.  You may sit in a chair or bring your yoga mat and lie on the ground. It is carpeted, clean and very comfortable.

We use our breath and intention to move into a meditative state to balance our body, release what no longer serves us and create ourselves new. Therefore, over time creating the/our world anew. Themes will change depending on what is needed from week to week including, peace, presence, self love, how to handle the unexpected, intuition.

There is typically more than 6 feet between people.  We will sometimes be outside weather permitting.  Bring your own mat and/or blanket. Water is recommended.  We do have props (mats, cushions and blankets) you can use at your discretion regarding COVID. 

Sheri Bagwell is an energy healer and meditation coach. She is trained to recognize the heavy places in your body and mind that keep you from remembering who you are and what you came here to be. She helps you clear and resonate all of that to embody your divine nature allowing you to feel your worth, freedom, and joy regardless of what is happening around you.

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Please call or text Sheri at

770-235-7599 or email

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Ecstatic Dance Birmingham 
Facilitated by Kamryn Naylor

 Unity Sanctuary

First and Third Tuesdays 6pm

July 6, July 20 >>>

$10 love offering


Ecstatic Dance is about community, expression and freedom through movement to music. We welcome everyone and anyone to feel the most natural ecstatic feelings through the art of free form dance. Joining together in support and love to connect to the higher consciousness. The people who generally come to ecstatic dance are spiritual and vulnerable, wanting to share, support and create with the community.

Kamryn is a Birmingham native and co-owner of a local Birmingham lawn care business. She is passionate about community and unity, bringing people together to support and nourish one another with acceptance and compassion.

Contact info: 205-243-0133     



Himalayan Kriya Flow is an integrated approach to wellness sure to be unlike any other yoga class you’ve experienced. You will be introduced to the supreme yogic technology of evolution. In this class, we will combine the powerful healing tools of kundalini, kriyas, mindful movement (asana), breath work (pranayama), freedom movement, chi and Laya movements, mantra, mudras, and meditation to create a full experiential practice. Each journey will be unique with a specific focus in mind. It is accessible for all bodies. Please reach out if you have any questions.

When: Select Tuesdays @ 6pm June 29, July 13 & 17, August 10 and 24

Where: IN PERSON! Unity in Birmingham

Length: 75 minutes

Investment: $15 per class.  

***Register for 2 classes in one calendar month and save $5

***reach out if you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to attend.



Pennie is a master meditation and yoga teacher. She has studied and practiced ancient holistic healing practices for many years, completing 1500+ hours of comprehensive training. Her approach is comprehensive, incorporating all aspects of the individual. She offers transformational Jyotish astrology readings accompanied with prescriptive practices, empowering you to align with your greatest potential.


Her classes & sessions incorporate energizing practices such as kriya, pranayama, and mantras to shift chronic patterns (or dis-ease), reprogramming your bio-cellular memory, with meditative practices to correct the intellect and shift your consciousness, allowing you to access a deeply healing state of silence. By using this comprehensive approach to healing, Pennie guides you to heal from the inside out, addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. She believes that we are all born with the ability to heal ourselves.

To learn more about Pennie’s unique offerings, please visit her website:

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Join Pennie Nichols, founder of Enlightened Living, on a journey across the rainbow bridge through the cosmos! In this one-of-a-kind course, Pennie will guide you through experiential practices connecting with each chakra. Over the course of 6 weeks, you will gain access to the highest frequencies of 7 main planets. As we awaken these frequencies within ourselves, we begin to live to our greatest potential - a life of meaning, liberated from fear and suffering, a life of supreme joy and bliss, aligned with dharma!

$333 love offering

Learn more at


Free; No cost to students

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