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Cleansing Tears

By Irene Bolden

Like a warm summer shower

sprinkles the earth

freshens the air,

leaving a beautiful rainbow,

so a woman's tears

cleans the soul

refreshes the spirit

leaving an uplifted heart.

Unity of Birmingham Guest Writer Series

Irene Bolden was born and grew up on a farm in Marengo County, Alabama. She served 4 years in The United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, worked as a flight attendant for an international charter airline, and then worked as a Customer Service Agent for 25 years with Mountain Bell/AT&T/Lucent Technologies/AVAYA telephone company.

After retiring in 2006, she began to work and volunteer as a senior caregiver for the elderly, and infirm. She completed a Bachelor's degree at Armstrong University in Savannah, GA, majoring in Women/Gender Studies.

She first became familiar with the Science of Mind spiritual messages in 1975, under pastor Rev. Vogt at Mile High Religious Science Church. Irene now lives in Birmingham, Alabama and is a regular attendee of Unity of Birmingham church.

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